Saturday, November 7, 2015

Family Ghosts

A true nocturnal tale of spirits of the past in an
epic dream experience with the present. 
Guest blog post Family Ghosts

published November 7, 2015

Family Ghosts

Insomnia. I’ve had it ever since I was a little girl, and as long as I can remember. 

On rare nights that I fall solidly asleep, snuggled under covers and under the velvet midnight sky, I dream deeply. Drifting into a misty world where images spin in my mind traveling through time, the scenes are often like something out of a sci-fi movie.

One of the most epic, recent recurring dreams is set in black and white, like an old 1920’s silent film. I don’t see myself in the dream, but I feel like I’m there, experiencing it all and viewing it all through my eyes.

I am in a rural area of dusty farmland as far as I can see. There are railroad tracks in the distance. I realize I am standing there alone, looking around, feeling lost. Not knowing which way to go. Walk on the road?  Or walk on the train tracks? How did I get here? Where am I supposed to go? All is silent. Then there are echoing distant whispers, the sound of wind, softly amplifying into a storm. Dust blows and spins in the air. I see a tornado in the distance. It is forming and coming in my direction. 

Instinctively, I spin around, thinking where to run. I notice an old house with no windows. Just a shell of someone’s former Home.  I run into it and through a maze of doorways, with no doors left. I hide in the deepest place I can find. The tornado whistles and blows over.  Then there is eerie silence. I walk out of the house looking at the land around me, alone in this strange abandoned place.  In real life, I wake up. 

In another episode of this recurring dream, I again find myself standing alone outside in the same place, looking ahead and around me. It is like I’m trapped in an old photo. Everything is more sepia toned this time. There is no sound. I look back at the house and see shadows of movement inside. Then, I see an older couple glide out, almost as if ice skating on air. They are looking right at me, and they wave like crazy so I notice them.  They smile.  After I smile back, they softly glow, as if illuminated with white light. There is no light in the house, there is no working electricity, and no sunlight. As I look at them, they are almost transparent. I can see everything behind them through them, like they are Ghosts. How can this be happening?

The woman tries to speak, she wants to say something. I see her mouth move, but there is no sound. She is so frustrated, that I can’t hear her. She starts to cry. I can see, but not hear it. It is heartbreaking. There is a wave of sadness over all 3 of us. The man puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her, and she stands there, silent. They vanish. In real life, I wake up.

Dream episode 3.  Same scene. Tornado coming.  I run to the house and I see the older couple there. They wave me in, saying “Come in from the Storm!” This time she can speak and I can hear her. She says she is my Great Great Grandmother from Sweden and she knows I’ve been looking for her. She tells me she is here with me now. We stand together as the storm passes overhead. I feel the house shake, but I feel safe with them. 20 minutes later, we walk outside. She says she has messages for me before I go on my way.  She tells me a lot of things, and said I will remember when the time comes. She and her husband wave and stand by the front doorway of the house. I begin to walk the road in front of me. In reality, I wake up…stunned.

In reality, for 25 years I have been researching my family tree in Sweden. It started with just myself, my mother and grandmothers information. As of August 2015, the branches now have 98 people going back to the 1700’s. And I’ve uncovered the History of my mysterious 3rd Great Grandparents. After I recently discovered this, the dreams stopped.

Was this sequence of dreams a wishful subconscious fantasy, or really night time visits by Family Ghosts?