Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Visit to Herrick Lake - March 2013

glacial lake still exists today

World Co-ordinates:  41 49'12"N   88°8'26"W  
DuPage County Forest Preserves

Scenes from Winters' edge on the verge of Spring. Misty frozen ice-water swirls softly above deep blue.  Driftwood and a fallen tree spell a season's landscape.

Like the song "California Dreamin" - I went for a walk on a Winter's day. This was my second visit to Herrick Lake. Each time it looks different, but it's ethereal spirit remains. 

Herrick Lake is one of DuPage County's wild gems. This beautiful place on the planet is located just off Butterfield Road. This Western Chicago area was once covered by Glaciers.  

Technically, "Herrick Lake holds the distinction of being one of the few natural glacial lakes in the county. In addition, the preserve’s landscape provides flood control to the surrounding community and is a link in forming a vast natural greenway, in conjunction with Danada, St. James Farm, Warrenville Grove, and Blackwell Forest Preserves." (reference Wikimapia)

After the ice, prairie and forest developed naturally. This is Nature's creation that we see today.

Photography by Traci Elizabeth 
copyright Traci Elizabeth/Travel Your Dreams 2013