Thursday, October 28, 2010

October in Oregon

Fall 2010

Here I am in Portland, Oregon. 
World Co-ordinates 45° 31' 24 N - 122° 40' 34 W
50 miles from the Pacific Ocean

The October winds are chilled, leaves are falling, and it rains. Not just any rain. Cold rain.  Almost everyday. It is the coldest rain I have ever felt. I guess this is the weather signature of the Pacific Northwest.

I see a place called Fanno Creek while driving around. Although I was on my way to the organic cafe for lunch and I am super hungry, I can't resist. I pull over in the Nature Park parking lot paved with rustic log fence posts and read the trail map. I decide to go hiking, since afternoon rain just let up.

The trail starts flat, then winds alongside a residential area. About 25 minutes into my walk the path gets smaller, the trees denser, and all sounds of traffic and modern day life melt away.

I find the creek, and trees exploding into a kaliedoscope of intense deep colors, leaving a palette of leaves on the path. I enjoy my walk, now about an hour further into the trail, taking these great nature photos along the way.

And it starts pouring rain...

Photo: Fanno Creek Trail ~ copyright Traci Elizabeth 2010